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The Media Sales industry regards selling advertising space to different companies across a range of different media, like directories, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online.
As the name suggests, media sales is a sales job: for this reason, you’ll be able to prosper in the media sales industry if you truly enjoy selling, doing deals, hitting targets, making money, work well under pressure, and enjoy the thrilling prospect of commission; if you have excellent negotiation skills; if you are friendly, sales-driven, confident, tenacious, resilient and hard-working and if you know your market inside out, using sales data in your pitches.

Much like other sales careers, jobs in media sales are driven by targets and deadlines. Media sales teams are usually groups of young, dynamic people, so your day can often be lively and lots of fun. You might also be able to earn a good bit of extra cash from commission and bonuses.

The start of your career in media sales will probably involve a lot of selling over the telephone. You’ll have to identify the people in suitable organisations that are responsible for advertising budgets and making contact with them, discussing their advertising needs and persuading them to buy advertising space in the media company you work for. Later, you might progress into a more strategic account manager position, being more responsible for meeting clients face-to-face.

Not sure which certifications you need? Want to brush up on your media sales skills? Trying to figure out what each sector means? Don’t quite understand the responsibilities of each job title? All your industry-related questions are answered right here in our media sales careers section.  

Media sales FAQs: Key Skills, the Roles and the Sectors

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    Career Opportunities in the Field of Media Sales

    What is Media Sales?

    Recently, the term ‘Media Sales’ has been trending across the globe, but what does it actually mean? Essentially, it is a term used to describe an extensive range of jobs allocated in different places. Whether it is an advert you see in newspapers, promotions on websites or commercials on  the television and radio; it all comes under the umbrella of the Media Sales industry. Not only does it help clients find solutions to suit them best, it also provides a helping hand to the clients in their businesses by finding the most appropriate campaigns and putting them in front of the right audience.  As a result, noticeable changes and differences can be made in their business and the amount of money they make.


    What is Media Sales?

    Career Opportunities in the Field of Media Sales

     Why Choose a Career in Media Sales?

    A common misperception of media sales jobs is that they are suited for those who are unsure about the career path they want to pursue or have failed in joining the profession they wanted in the first place. Rubbish. Media sales is in fact evolving as a prospective career choice, offering a range of diverse benefits for those within this field.

    So why should one pursue a career in media sales? For starters, a proficient salesperson has the great advantage of outlearning even top tier management. There are a variety of rewards within this field, including, good salary packages, bonuses and many other incentives, since a media salesperson is a real asset to any company. Experts within this field maintain relationships with high-level clients and are able to master the process and product details to the point that losing these key individuals may cost a big deal to the company in years to come. The escalating opportunities for increased earnings and exposure at a large scale have made this an attractive job in today’s market.

    Media sales is a hot in the market these days, it offers you a range of well-paid and acknowledged designations including:

    • Entrepreneur – Social Media Consultant

    Salary Range: $35,000 - $175,000

    With the aid your social media marketing skills, you can help small businesses reach new heights. You could even consider starting your own consulting firm!


    • Vice President of Communications

    Salary Range: £45,000 - £125,000

    Social media, public relations and marketing, all come under the department of  ‘Communications’ in good firms. A vice president is able to ensure that key individuals within this department attain their goals as per the set targets. As a reward you will receive an attractive salary package and remunerations that come with good job performance.


    • Public Relations Manager

    Salary Range: £38,000 - £100,000

    Media marketing has become an integral part of public relations, it has made it possible to convey messages to a greater number of people than ever before. It is an exciting yet challenging job and the reward is huge!


    • Marketing Communications Manager

    Salary Range: £40,000 - £100,000

    Just a few years ago, this career was not that recognised within media sales. Now however, more and more people are realising the significant worth and attractive salary package with a range of incentives that comes with this career.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

    Salary Range: £30,000 - £85,000+

    In the era of the digital world, every business wants to attain high ranks online for getting organic traffic to their websites. It takes an ideal candidate who understands how to use both SEO and sales skills to achieve lasting results. If you are able to do so, huge sums of money is on the table for you!

    The list of careers within the Media Sales sector goes on. A number of other striking job titles include; Digital Advertiser, Marketing Consultant, Content Manager, Social Media Analyst, Social Media Director, Online Community Manager etc.

    Indeed this field is offering more and more with every passing day! So why not go for a career in media sales?


    Have you got what it takes for this Job?

    Initially, a career in media sales might seem wearisome at times- but this is only temporary. For the long term, your days will be energetic and packed with lots of fun because the teams consist of vibrant people who are passionate about what they do.

    So what is the sole purpose of this job? Media Sale jobs essentially focus on selling marketing space to various companies through a range of different media, i.e. magazines, directories, newspapers, radio, social media etc. Many often don’t realise that the spaces where adverts are featured day to day– anything from the humorous tiny ads at the back of local newspapers to dual page spreads in the centre of your favourite magazine, has been sold by a media salesperson.

    To excel within the business, these points are key:

    Finding the Right Channel – One of the most productive strategies to become a better media seller is to find the right channel for advertising your skills. Extensive research for determination of the target audience is needed for this job.

    Production and Engagement – For building trust and reputation, you have to come up with fresh and quality content

    Showing Your Worth- You are required to show the real worth of your product by using different ways including infographics, services demo, and free trial offers etc.

    Persuasion for Taking Action- You have to do regular follow-ups and put in a lot of hard work for sealing a deal and attracting more customers and followers.

    Media sales career is an extremely trendy and therefore competitive domain, so experience is having a critical value. In your submission you have to be really determined and driven. You may need to interact with radio, newspaper, television, advertising agency or PR if you want to gain knowledge and build a strong portfolio. It might be really advantageous to take part in the university radio station and publication office or to do part time jobs, summer activities and volunteer tasks to gain experience.

    Through this job;

    • You learn how to have thick skin
    • You witness the fruits of your hard work
    • You get the chance to interact with a diverse range of people
    • You learn effective communication skills
    • You get exposure on a large scale


    How can you excel in this field?

    It is indeed a crucial question, since everyone wants to move forward in life. Media sales careers definitely provide opportunities to do so but demands something from you as well:

    sale techniques

    • One has to be sociable and outgoing
    • Along with written and oral communication skills, an excellent telephone attitude is important
    • The power to convince clients about the merits of the product being sold
    • Good negotiation skills and the ability to respond to objections is a must
    • One needs to be determined, able to handle pressure, robust and also good listener
    • Good mindfulness of targets and revenue, responsiveness to detail and self-discipline
    • Effectively managing time to focus on leads with the potential to close almost directly will push to probable sales targets
    • When and how to say goodbye to such leads that have no potential is very significant when it comes to sales job
    • A real world exercise is necessary in order to learn from your own mistakes
    • Development of real-world and professional skills and making contacts in industry will take you to a high level of expertise in the field of media sales
    • Bond with a client should be built by gaining vision into the requirements of a prospective client
    • You can make a difference by making eye contact while listening and avoiding the temptation to end the prospect's sentences during a conversation

    Keeping these simple sales executive career tips into consideration can really help even an inexperienced individual to touch the highest ranks in the field of media sales.


    How significant is Media Sales career in London?

    Media sales jobs are catching the attention all over the world, including the vibrant city of London. Media sales jobs in London offer you a great opportunity for getting a foot into the media world whether it is within radio or television advertising sales, outdoor advertising sales, directories advertising sales, online media sales job, magazine publishing or sales related to events, exhibitions and conferences.

    The job market in London is indeed huge! It is always in search of ambitious and determined sales persons who enjoy developments of new businesses and be keen on working in the media industry.

    But how can one get a Media sales job in London? For getting a media sales job:

    • You have to demonstrate the capability of building relationships on telephonic as well as face to face conversations
    • You must be a greater listener with excellent communication skills
    • You must be willing and enthusiastic to undertake training and courses to meet the set standards
    • You must be self-motivated with exceptional negotiation skills, competitive and resilient

    The media sales executive has the responsibility to sell ad space to clients, using a broad range of digital and print mediums.  It is mainly a great opportunity for those media sales professionals that are experienced and want to add value and help in shaping a company’s role. Their major jobs include

    • Generation and expansion of business
    • Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing clients
    • Keeping abreast of marketplace developments
    • Liaising with clients for implementation of products according to their advertisement strategies
    • Meeting revenue targets within deadlines
    • Offering initiative and high organisational skills for keeping the records of progress transparent

    What’s in it for you? A basic salary package along with a high percentage of commission based revenue is offered by the majority of media sales jobs in London. With high energy and right approach, the earning possibilities can be very lucrative.

    To put in a nutshell, the idea of media sales job has been refined a lot more than what it used to be. Choosing a career in the field of media sales can actually offer an individual many benefits that are not found in other fields, including great income, limitless opportunities to stand out, unmatched job security, tangible accomplishments, innovative and exciting tasks, travelling and continuous learning.

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