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Media Sales Jobs London
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Jobs in Media Sales browsed by role

Browse here by role for all current jobs in sales within the media sector. You'll also find some tips from our experience to help you succeed and enjoy your new job in sales.

Digital Media Sales is one of the fastest growing fields within the current jobs in sales. They include selling traditional banners, but more so other paid online and multimedia advertising services to help businesses expand and beat the competition. Digital media sales is rising at an incredible rate, at the expense of traditional channels: the beneficiaries, other than customers, are the professionals who choose to secure the best digital media jobs in sales.

Which are the best jobs in sales to choose?

In this page, you can browse by role all current jobs in sales within the media sector. You can aslo find which of the following jobs in sales roles suits your experience and skills most?
No matter what the role of your possible future jobs in Sales is, here are some tips we would like to share with you from our long experience in the Media Sales sector, which may help you to do well in a jobs in sales, and we consider being the basics of all jobs in sales.
  1. Know your product: Before you meet a prospective customer or any external entity, be crystal clear about what you are selling and pretty sure about any detail of it. Knowledge about your product will make you confident in front of any customer or client.
  2. Know your Competition: This is probably the most important part you should be aware of. Any customer has a benchmark set in his mind when they buy something and as a media sales executive, your job is to convince them that your product clears the conceived benchmark by miles. For this, do pros and cons of your product v/s competition and prepare for the questions that might be asked to you on your product's shortcomings.
  3. Know your Customer: This is the final nail in the coffin. It can also be rephrased as 'know your market'. Demographics, product demand, product suitability, customer demographics, willingness to spend etc. For this, interact with as many prospective clients as possible. This lays a foundation for getting a good idea about the market. Take a keen interest in the clients' life, understand their needs. It is something like dating, you can pitch better if you know the person sitting in front of you!

Some people are are put off by the frustration which comes with moset jobs in sales. Still, rejections from prospective customers are an intrinsic part of most jobs in sales. Frustration can happen when this is combined with a lack of belief in the utility/value of the product/service one is selling: this would lead to a miserable professional experience. Instead, if a media sales executive does believe in the utility/value (to the customer) of the product/service of what that they are selling, jobs in sales can be very gratifying.

Furthermore, we can suggest not to forget about automation with jobs in sales. Try to automate everything you can by using tools. Things to keep you organised, to help with prospecting, to help with tracking the performance of certain campaigns etc.

Finally, if you're not happy with your current jobs in sales, then do try and find something new. Feeling miserable is SO bad for any job and does turn into a waste of time in a sales role, as this rubs off on your prospect customers and none would ever buy from you. You need to be passionate about the product/service, and really believe you're helping someone with what you're selling. If you don't, then it's time for a change!

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